Books: The Greatest Story Ever Told, Krauss

Many don’t see it this way, but science is a story. The story line is the history of discovery. And that history is amazing.  Physicist Lawrence Krauss tells that story in his new book, “The Greatest Story Ever Told”. And you can get a sense of the book through his interview with Vox.

The key point that I take away from this is that reality — that thing that is outside of us — is much bigger than we are. It is much more complex and ginormous than we can understand. And our man-made mythologies about reality pale by comparison.

This carries with it a rather startling implication. While religions can offer certainty, that certainty blinds us to reality, as it is (as opposed to as we want it to be). In other words, we are entering an era of uncertainty, a good thing because it is a more realistic approach to life.


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