Americano: I loved their Huevos Randeros!

I was reminded this morning of my trip to New York a year ago when I spent new year’s eve at the Americano hotel. the hotel was ok. But the breakfast was indeed, amazing: huevos rancheros.

This is not a breakfast that you want every day, except if you are perhaps a cowboy, marathon runner, or just want as quickly as possible to gain 50 lbs.

Image result for huevos rancheros

Saveur has this comment about huevos rancheros

The way we see it, huevos rancheros shouldn’t just be salsa-covered eggs. The folks at California’s Kay ‘n Dave’s restaurant agree. That’s why their recipe calls for a homemade salsa and crisply fried eggs, but also tender black beans and rice seasoned with a wealth of tomato, garlic, onion, chile, and epazote, the grassy, delicately pungent Latin American herb often paired with legumes.

That gives you a sense of the thing. Errr … the thing that I still remember more than a year later!


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