George Saunders Retrofits Our Perspective

It is difficult to imagine the world any other way than the way it is. We think that is “normal”. We accept, for example, handing people scraps of paper in exchange for food. We accept getting up every day at the same time to go to a place where we spend the day doing things that do not directly benefit ourselves.

I am not arguing here that we should not do things.  I am arguing that these things are “normal” only because we believe that they are. So what is the problem? The problem comes when we believe that doing good things — things that have meaning — are not normal.

LÖike what?`Like caring for other people. Not just the inform who obviously need it. But for the folks whom we see and interact with. George Saunders bases his aesthetics on the notion that this should be normal.  This cartoon lays it out.

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