Have You Been to Dingle?

I have not. But after reading an article from Saveur, I want to go!

True. it is out of the way. On the road to nowhere, but itself. And true, the weather is not gentle like you might find on a Caribbean island.  And true, you won’t find that many people. The town has less than 10.000.

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So why would you want to visit?  You might answer, the food or the pubs. And Michael Ruhlman likes all that. But he ends the above article with this thought

I’m the type of person who travels to a town I’m curious about and then never feels the slightest inclination to go back. Too many places to see in one short life.

But Dingle changed that. I’m already planning to return next summer. Why do I feel this way? I’ve been wondering. Perhaps because, like filmmakers and chefs and poets before me have found, Dingle and this peninsula, with its deep history, awe-inspiring vistas of mountains and sea, its food and generosity and powerful spirit, has the power to transform.

And of course, this type of thing

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2 thoughts on “Have You Been to Dingle?”

  1. We went years ago. Wonderful, and less traffic than the Ring of Kerry. Good pubs and friendly townsfolk (if you are Yank that is — all bets off for Brits) are constants. Weather is the variable. Let’s meet up there? Easy to reach from both sides.

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