William Boyd (and others) on Hodgkin

The Guardian offers tributes from well-known figures of the British art word. One of them is William Boyd, a writer whose work I have enjoyed. Boyd says

My Hodgkin moment occurred in the late 80s. I was at a Christie’s auction, vaguely hoping to buy a picture (a John Hoyland) when a Howard Hodgkin came up. It was a thing of absolute beauty: a classic mid-period Hodgkin, a lambent abstract – that included the frame – of carefully fused tones of yellow and cream with a splash of red, and one of Hodgkin’s teasingly suggestive titles – Swimming the Hellespont or Sunset in the Algarve or something similar. The estimate was around £150,000. The bidding started and I raised my paddle.

Errr … even though he could not pay. Why do it? Read on mon ami!


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