You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks!

Full confession: I am the old dog.

A while back, I wrote that my doctor advised me to learn a new trick: lose weight and get blood pressure down.  I was persuaded by the data  which will not be discussed here —  that the advice had merit. And so I  set about on the task.

But how to achieve this? There were a few obvious villains that had to be eliminated – morning coffee raises blood pressure and had to go. Same for evening wine. And no more huge late night dinners. And more determined exercising. All good first steps.

And then my dear sister offered a piece of wisdom. My weight had gone up in a sneaky sort of way as my metabolism slowed down. Stress played a role as well as some bad habits.  But I might lose weight more easily if I could speed up my metabolism.

This led me to a few counter-intuitive ideas. I had boasted that I did not eat anything after breakfast until dinner. Bad idea. That signals “starvation” to my body. Then,  when dinner arrives,  my eyes glaze over and I am ready to devour a live elephant. mea culpa! Time for a new mantra. Eat more frequently, but never in large amounts.

Let’s see if adding this new viola to the orchestra produces sonorous music!


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