The Donald Laid Bare

From TA Frank at Vanity Fair

While I’m going to use most of my words today to try to talk down Donald Trump’s enemies, we can’t overlook that we have a president who acts like a nut job: euphoric at midnight, paranoid a few hours later about phantom prowlers on the roof. Let’s leave aside the debate over how much of a point Trump may have had when he accused Barack Obama of being a “Bad (or sick) guy” who had overseen efforts to “tapp [sic] my phones during the very sacred election process.” (As they say on Twitter, huge if true.) Even if the accusation were perfectly accurate—which no one, including Trump, seems to believe—the manner in which he chose to reveal it was less that of a president than that of a dementia patient screaming that his clothes have been stolen by the nursing staff. There’s no way that a series of misspelled four A.M. tweets, sandwiched next to a lament about The Apprentice, is the work of someone playing 28-dimensional chess. It’s the work of someone who found a chess set and had to go to the hospital after swallowing two rooks and a knight.

Very funny. And Mr. Fank makes a point. Trump may be incompetent and duplicitous and whatever else. And that makes it tempting to start believing anything that would justify getting rid of the dude.

And I respectfully disagree. Trump has already shown (1) he has a less than perfect grasp of reality – dangerous for a man who can launch nukes. and (2) he has violated his oath of office by openly and repeatedly lying about important public policy issues. We may also find out that he is a stooge for Putin and up to his wazzoo in conflicts of interest.

Stay tuned!


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