Smoke, Mirrors and Trumpcare

This does appear to be the season for disaster for Donald Trump and his republican cohorts in Congress. Much to his annoyance, the press is starting to peek into the Donald’s peculiar financial dealings. Not only that, it is becoming more apparent that the man is the reincarnation of George III  – a man who craves power without the slightest idea of what to do with it.  Will Donald end up equally bonkers? Stay tuned!

And now we get the long awaited republican “replacement” for Obamacare. It is less than appealing. But what is behind the republican obsession over Obamacare anyway? Why can’t they just move on from it. After all, the idea did originally come from their side.

Vox offers a revealing glimpse into the republican mind. Hold your nose and read on! Pretty it is not. But it is better to understand the monster in the closet than to pretend it is your imagination.


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