Trump and the Fertilizer King

Given Donald Trump’s communication style, it seems appropriate that he has been linked to a Russian who is called the “fertilizer king”. That man would be Dmitry Rybolovlev another person in the news with a name that I cannot pronounce.

So what is this all about?  To make any sense of it, one must start with the fact that 2008 was Mr. Trump’s annus horribilus. He was broke, even missing a whopper $53 million interest payment that forced one of his companies into bankruptcy.

How did he get out of it? Enter the fertilizer king! This very rich Russian dude paid Trump a ginormous amount for a Palm Beach property that Trump was flogging. On that deal, Trump made a profit in excess of $50 million even though he owned the property for just 2 years. Nice!

The fertilizer king has never lived in this property that he paid so dearly for. Indeed, he has had it torn down. So why buy it? The cover story — which may or may not have some basis in reality — is that the fertilizer king was trying to shield money from his wife (the fertilizer queen?) during his divorce. Regardless, the effect was to inject a substantial amount of cash into  Trump’s sagging empire, at a moment when the Trumpster desperately needed it.  You might think of this as a knight in fertilizer armor come to the rescue!

And the fertilizer king seems to be hanging around. His private jet followed Trump to two campaign stops Interesting. Why would he do that?

Here is my take — which is no better than anyone else’s except Mr. Trump and the good old fertilizer king. I do not think Trump met the king on his campaign stops. But I do think that Trump could be blackmailed here. Do X or the fertilizer king will contradict you.

And you see yet one more reason why Mr. Trump does not belong in the White House. The dude has a past. A murky past. A past that has all sorts of skeletons in all sorts of closets. And we are about to find out a whole lot more.



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