A Word About the Folio Society

It was many years ago that I first bumped into the Folio Society and I immediately bonded with them. I like the idea of buying certain books that are meant to last. And I like the idea of artists adding original illustrations. This, for example, by Derick Harris for the Folio Society’s Tom Jones

Image result for Derrick Harris Tom Jones

BTW, here is more on Derrick Harris, if you are interested.

Over the years, I have purchased a number of Folio Society books and I treasure them.

The Folio Society is still at it, and has been doing some rather interesting projects – like this one

the first ever reproduction of the entire length of the (Bayeux) tapestry as a single image, printed continuously on a scroll around 44 metres long – roughly two-thirds the size of the original. The scroll is mounted within a glass-topped table and is moved along by turning handles fitted in the side of the table.

Something like this

Image result for Folio Society Bayeux tapestry

Check outJoe Whitlock Blundell’s blog for a peek into the world of making the Folio Edition Limited Edition books!


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