If Everyone Did Wingsuit Racing …

Before you consider this proposition, I expect you might want to know what wingsuit racing is. We know what wingsuits are, right? It is this type of thing

Image result for wingsuit

Yes, it is totally insane. You jump off the side of a cliff or out of an airplane and become an airfoil. Speeds reach 200 mph.

So  how would a competition work? From Esquire

The championships, hosted by the US Parachute Association, test competitors on three disciplines, each measured in a window between 3,000 and 2,000 meters of altitude: average speed, distance covered, and time spent aloft. Each flyer gets three jumps in each category, and is tracked via a GPS module on their helmet. They’re rated on a curve—whoever goes fastest, farthest, or stays in the window the longest gets a 100, everyone else a percentage of that—and scores are averaged to find an overall winner.

This is not your average three legged race at the county fair. And why should we consider it? According to Joe Ridler

“I wish everybody in the country could do this, because I have a feeling there wouldn’t be many angry people out there,” he says. “I think everybody would be really stoked on life overall.”

But what if I am already stoked on life? Hmmm …


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