Books: The Horse’s Mouth, Joyce Cary

I just purchased a copy of “The Horse’s Mouth” for my collection. It is not in print. these days, Tant pis!

Image result for The Horse's Mouth

You can generally find a paperback version at a purveyor of pre-owned books or a more expensive hardback. I now have both.

In the Horse’s Mouth, Joyce Cary strove to convey how art and life intermingle. It is the last book of a trilogy set in London and it tracks the outrageous adventures of painter Gulley Jimson

It starts off this way

I was walking by the Thames. Half-past morning on an autumn day. Like an orange in a fried fish shop. All bright below. Low tide, dusty water and a crooked bar of straw, chicken boxes, dirt and oil from mud to mud. Like a viper swimming in skim milk. The old serpent, symbol of nature and love

Five windows light the caverned man, through one he breathes the air

Through one hears music of the spheres, Through one can look

And see small portions of the eternal world

Welcome to the world of Gulley Jimson!


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