As Life Gets More Complicated …

Over the last several years, I have noticed an interesting trend in my life.

On the one hand, the tools at my disposal via internet have grown exponentially in terms of power and usefulness. With this access, I am better informed, better entertained, and better connected than ever.  This is great.

On the other hand, as I use these tools more, I find that maintaining and regularly upgrading my life has gotten a lot more complicated. The main complication has to do with information management. Every day I find myself looking for data of some sort. That might be a contact, a phone number, the name of a supplier, the status of a project, the location of my cufflinks, what I had for dinner last week, and on and on.

In the old days, I kept this all on paper in files. That doesn’t work anymore. So I am developing a new tracking tool. It is web based, and it is meant to be the “go to” location to find and measure everything I do. My hope is that this will enable me to do the stuff that I love to do better, and as a result get more out of life.

Stay tuned here. As I develop this design, I will be posting on my successes and failures here.  I call this my “Futurme” project.



4 thoughts on “As Life Gets More Complicated …”

  1. I now understand the source of all your ills. Cufflinks. No wonder your blood pressure is elevated!

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