Whatever Happened to that Massive Voter Fraud?

It was big news, a while back. We found out from Donald Trump that millions  … errr …. at least 3 million … illegal votes were cast for Hillary Clinton. That is why she won the popular vote! We sat at the edge of our chairs waiting for some evidence. And we are still waiting.

The  reality is starting to sink in. There was no massive voter fraud. But that is ok. It is ok because we have a new spectacular assertion. President Obama ordered wiretaps on Donald Trump’s pone before the election!  Errr …  is anyone actually listening to this stuff?

BTW, as Lindsay Graham points out, if Obama DID actually tap Trump’s phones, he would have needed a warrant t to do so. Hmmm … to get a warrant, Obama would have had to have shown that Trump was up0 to no good.  Is that the story Trump wants to sell?

The bottom line: I do not think that I can take four years of this.


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