Surging Saric!

The Sixers are in full tank mode, right? They are supposed to lose lots of games in order to get more ping pong balls. And the other day against the Heat, that is exactly what they looked like.

But a different team showed up against the Knicks last night. It is a team that is without Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons and Nerlens Noel and Erson Ilysova. And it is a gutsy team. A team that relies on speed and teamwork. And a team that beat the Knicks in a close game.

Dario Saric has a new role on this team. Instead of backup power forward, he leads the team on the offensive side and on the boards. He made the key pass to Anderson that won the game. Did I say Anderson? Justin Anderson had his breakout game as a Sixer. And he and Roco double teamed Melo which threw off his last shot.

In other words, Brett brown won this game. Brett has got these young guys moving and improving. And that is fun to watch!



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