Gustav Metzger: A Journey Without Compromise

Gustav Metzger was a n activist and an artist. He believed, for example, that artists should stop trying to make more pretty things, and start trying to show people how to live better.  Part of that is remembering more vividly things that we should

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Most of all, it was his concern that modern capitalist man is headed for extinction as we destroy the world around us.  Hans Ulrich Obrist wrotes about the artist on his passing.

Can art change the world? Many would smile and say “no”. But if art cannot, what can? What can make us better people?

As you would expect

(He was a) small, intense and somewhat prickly man with twinkling eyes, his cantankerousness was at once political and personal. He had numerous arguments and fallings-out, not only with Bomberg but also with Lord Goodman (who supported him for a number of years), with Joseph Beuys and with John Latham. The disputes were ideological and artistic. Essentially a warm, kindly man, he could be recalcitrant, and would follow ideas to what seemed extreme conclusions.

A man of conviction.


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