So Sessoins Lied too …

During his confirmation hearings, Jeff Sessions denied that he had had any contact with Russians while he was connected to the Trump campaign. It turns out that this is a lie. He had at least 2. contacts with the Russian ambassador.

Why is this a big deal? Of course, it is bad form to lie under oath at an important public forum. But this is more to this whopper

Sessions is now in control of the Justice Department and the FBI, both of which are investigating Russia’s cyberattacks against the US. The House and Senate Intelligence Committees are also looking into the matter.

And he has refused to recuse himself from dealing with Trump campaign investigations. Hmmm … and now we find that he had some involvement in what is being investigated.

And there is more. Sessions is not the first Trump cohort to have been playing footsy with the Russians. Flynn lost his position over his lies about contacts with the same Russian dude. And then there is Wilbur Ross, Trump’s Secretary of Commerce. Ross was the middleman Trump used to sell his Palm Beach property at a ginormous mark up (like $40 million)  to a Russian buyer who has never lived there. Errr … at a time when the Donald was strapped for cash.

Is there a Russian connection? What do you think?


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