Berlin’s Kantine Kohlmann

From Cee CEE

Berlin cuisine — it’s officially making a comeback. But this time around, the good old ingredients are being reinvented in exciting new forms. At Kantine Kohlmann, small sharing plates and bites are delivered to wooden tables — modern, seasoned and flavorful. Owner Ulrike Kabyl recommends the beetroot and coriander tartare. It’s fresh, creamy and spicy. The concept of Kantine Kohlmann is to allow several small bites to make up one dish, making for a very sociable way to enjoy a meal. For dessert, I pick the pistachio parfait. It arrives accompanied by a chocolate tart and quince caramel, making it the best possible conclusion to a meal — hot-cold, crunchy-creamy and salty-sweet. But it’s not over yet: your nightcap awaits nearby. Head down a dark corridor towards a heavy, leather-clad door to enter the restaurant’s in-house bar. There you’ll find a blazing fireplace surrounded by generous green leather armchairs. Sink into one with a cocktail or a digestif. And yes, you can smoke. (Text: Nina Bleiber)

Kantine Kohlmann, Skalitzer Str.64, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg; map
Mon-Sun 18-24h

Nina Bleiber was born in Berlin in 1981, lives in Prenzlauer Berg and works as a journalist and stylist.

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