The Gods of Basketball Descended on Philly

The golden State Warriors are a very, very, very good team and their won loss record of 50 wins and 9 losses is no fluke. We had the chance to see this first hand last night when the Warriors toyed with the Sixers.

A few comments about the game.

  • While the Warriors dominated in the second half, the Sixers were still fun to watch. They are a scrappy bunch
  • Jah had a terrible game — he is still too slow to react to the flow of the game to be able to play at this level
  • Roco must be re-signed this summer. The dude is the heart and soul of the Sixer defense at this point in time
  • Dario has the smarts and toughness to play against guys who have superior physical abilities.  He just needs to work on his shooting

Liberty Ballers has more on the game.

Bottom line here — Trading Noel, Colangelo has put the Sixers in full tank mode. Simmons is out for the season and my bet is that Embiid will be as well. Let’s hope that the ping pong balls go our way.. The good news is that this is a loaded draft. And Embiid and Simmons are likely to be back next season.


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