Looking for a Peak Experience?

Some years ago, I was staying at a friend’s place in Sag Harbor. One evening, we drove over to Shelter Island to visit the “Sunset Bar”.  It’s a place that looks like this

Image result for Sunset Bar Shelter Island

Looking at the Sunset Bar this way does not really convey what goes on there. When the sky is clear and the sun starts to set, the mood int his place gets …. err … shall we say, lively! The light is gorgeous, and it casts a spell on everyone.  Me too!

It was indeed, a peak experience (of the type that Spalding Gray talked about). As an aside, you might check out his “Swimming to Cambodia” for a different type of peak experience.

but the sunset bar at Shelter Island is just one of many bars that are set up to offer this type  of peak experience. BI offers a photo montage of other options.

Baba Nest has cache, but might be a bit too clean cut for my taste.

Image result for baba nest thailand

Though one has to admit that the view is amazing

Image result for baba nest thailand

I might go for the Dune Preserve at Anguilla.

Paradise might be the perfect word to describe Dune Preserve Beach Bar in Anguilla. The bar — just steps from the sea — is constructed entirely out of driftwood, sea shells, and wrecked boats. Visitors laze away beachside for a no-frills affair, and everyone from ex-presidents to former pirates have knocked back rum punch here. The owner, a reggae singer, often makes appearances.

Image result for Dune Preserve Anguilla

Any preferences?


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