So Long Nerlens Noel!

It is true that

  • the Sixers need swingmen and have an excess of bigs
  • Nerlens Noel started the season badly with some adolescent pouting

But here is the thing. Nerlens has  since then demonstrated that he can provide high quality minutes at the 5 — especially on defense. That means 48 minute rim protection if Embiid and Noel are playing in tandem at the 5. If also means insurance if Embiid goes down.And Noel has demonstrated that he has chemistry withe the team and the fans.

Bottom line –  if you value rim protection, Embiid and Noel should have had a lock on the 1,2 Sixer rotation at  the 5.

The only problem was that Noel’s rookie (cheap) contract expires this year, and he will want a max deal. The Sixers could afford it, but would they pay it? Apparently Sixer, GM  Bryan Colandelo decided “no”. . He has dealt Nerlens to the Mavs for second year swing man Justin Anderson and change.

What do the Sixers get? Anderson is the key to the deal If he develops into a great 3, the Sixers have taken a step forward in filling that hole. The operative word there is “if”. It is a big if. BTW, meanwhile, this year’s draft is loaded with guards and wings. And the so called “first round” pick – this will not convey, and is bullshit.

Liberty Ballers says

This is, undoubtedly, the worst basketball decision Bryan Colangelo has made in his tenure as Sixers general manager.

My take on this — the Sixers gave up what was as close as you can get in the NBA to a sure thing in favor of a weak gamble. As  Liberty Ballers writes, the Siers could have got a better deal for Noel earlier. But more important, Noel fit into this team. He made the team better. Now he is gone. Jah, cannot make that claim, but he will remain on the roster. In other words, the problem at the 5 position is not solved.

So long  Nerlens!! It was fun!

A quick follow up – – The fact is that the Sixers are now is full tank mode. They are going to lose a lot of games coming up, and with their crappy record, and the possibility of swapping for Sacramento’s top pick (a team that is also in full tank mode), the Sixers may end up with a top 3 pick in this year’s draft. They have a shot at Fultz. And if they can land Fultz by giving up Noel, this might have been worth it.

Anyway, we are now hoping for the ping pong balls to drop our way again!

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