At last some sanity on gun control?

Perhaps it is just me, but I thought that the US Supreme Court judgment  for the majority  in D.C. v. Heller was bonkers. Justice Scalia wrote that opinion, which appears to take an “originalist” view of constitutional interpretation.  But when you read the text, it is mainly about grammar – not history. So I would question whether it is in fact of that school of thought at all.

Since then, the US has seen an ongoing series of gun related violence, with all too many mass shootings. The situation seemed to be hopeless. That is until the fourth circuit issued its judgment in Stephen v. Kolbe that says perhaps the second amendment is not that insane. Here is the first sentence of that majority opinion

On the morning of December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut, a gunman used an AR-15-type Bushmaster and detachable thirty-round magazines to murder twenty first-graders and six adults in the Sandy Hook Elementary School.<

Finally someone has had the guts to say what so many have been thinking. A civilized society cannot stand for this type of violence perpetrated solely because of open access to military grade weaponry. The state must have the ability to ban assault rifles. from private use.  And while this is open to further political debate, we should agree that  the words of the men who founded the country two hundred years ago do not stand in the way of that debate.  they were not nuts.

Amen brother!


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