What if Donald Trump Just Wants More Money?

The Trump presidency has not been without its dramas. Indeed, one might be excused for thinking that creating daily drama has been the motivator for many of its decisions.

Here is my speculation – Trump wants to create as much turmoil as possible. Why? I think we can rule out that he is doing it because he is crazy. He may be overly narcissistic, but I do not believe that he is irrational. If he is not, there is a rational explanation.

Most likely it is to distract attention. To anchor us onto the daily drama while the important stuff goes less noticed. And what could that important stuff be? I do not think that it is political. Trump is aware that he is alienating the majority of voters with his endless messtoids from the White House. Indeed, it is not inconceivable that Trump is purposely fanning the flames in order to get kicked out — at the right moment.

if it is not political, the next best option is that it is financial.  So let’s say that he is in this for money. It has to be big, big money to make all this worth while. Not just a few more hotels and golf courses, though those are nice. Something really, really big.

Where could he get his greedy little hands on that kind of dough? It would likely be oil money. There is less control over where international flows of oil money go. So who will give it? There are not that many candidates.

Russia, a la Putin, is the main candidate. Putin wants stuff from the US that as president, Trump may be in  a position to deliver.  Putin wants influence in Ukraine and an end to sanctions. And he wants to weaken NATO. And in return? Well, let’s just say that Putin controls the oil wealth of his country — which is considerable.

This may be why we hear yet again about backroom efforts to do a deal with Russia.

It might not because it would be a good deal for the US or Europe or Ukraine. But it could be THE deal that would make Trump one of the richest dudes on the planet. After that, who cares about the presidency?

What do you think?

From Kert Davies at HuffPO

Thus the signs of a possible arrangement: The Trump and Putin camps are acquainted. Putin helps Trump become president. Trump ends the sanctions that are holding back Putin’s economy, especially the Exxon-Rosneft deal. That the two men seem to share a love of autocratic government, of pressuring the media and judiciary to do their bidding, and of mingling their financial interests with their government power, does not lessen concerns that such a corrupt deal has been taking place in front of our eyes.


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