The Sixers and the DeMarcus Cousins Trade


This came out of left field. The Kings just gave up their premier center, DeMarcus Cousins to the Pelicans. Keep in mind that Cousins is at the top of his game. True, he is also a pain in the butt. And true, he will be a free agent in 2018. But no one expected this deal to happen. With Cousins, the Pelicans will have two dominate bigs – Davis and Cousins. That will be fun to watch. The Kings will get some players and some draft picks. But it looks like they are moving int a rebuilding phas.

Here is the thing for the Sixers. They have swap rights to the Kings first round draft pick this year, if it is a top ten pick. That right vests if the Sixers get a lower first round pick than the Kings AND if the Kings pick is top 10.  At present the Sixers have 21 wins against 35 losses with a .375 won/lost record. The Kings have 24 wins against 33 losses with a ,421 won/loss record. It is close. If the Kings fall off a cliff after losing Cousins, the odds for a high Kings pick get better and better and it matter not if the Sixers  come on strong at the end of the season.

Meanwhile, the Sixers also have the Lakers top pick  — though that pick is top three protected. If the Lakers fall out of the top three, the Sixers may end up with 2 high lottery picks in this loaded draft.


BTW, the Kings are getting torched for making this deal.

Kyle Newbeck for Liberty Ballers gets into why this deal is SO big for th eSixers.


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