How is Your Book Collection?

Books are like companions, and the best companions are old friends. One of my old friends is a book by Joyce Cary called “The Horse’s Mouth”.  Here is Cary looking very much the British author in his younger days. He was born just a few years before my grandfather!

Image result for Joyce Cary

You might know of the book from the Alec Guinness film  that came out in 1958.  The book was published in 1944 and was Cary’s bets loved work.

Image result for Joyce Cary

In fact, it  is the third and final book of a trilogy.  the first two are “Herself Surprised, and To Be a Pilgrim”.

These are all out of print now, but you can find used copies of The Horse’s Mouth via internet. Some for outrageous sums (upwards of $4k!). Just for fun, I wrote a note to Heywood Hill to see if they could locate a used copy. BTW, you can find copes of The Horse’s Mouth at “Quill and Brush“. I ordered one there for $75.

Stay tuned for my response from Heywood Hill!

FOLLOW –  No need to wait! Heywood Hill responded immediately that they have a paperback copy of The Horse’s Mouth in the shop at a reasonable price for a rare book and that they would be willing to search for the other two books in the trilogy. I placed an order tout de suite! Very friendly folks!


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