Dealing with Hypertension

It was just a few days ago that I received some bad news from my doctor. I had seriously high blood pressure and needed to lose weight. My reaction to this news was, as you might expect. I went into a funk.

It is a bit scary when your sense of well being is suddenly changed. One minute you think you are healthy, except for a few minor issues. The next minute you wonder if getting out of bed will trigger a massive stroke.

I am still in a funk, though I am a bit less funky than I was. I have decided to approach this like  an adult. No panic. Just step by step changes in life style that produce results. I have cut back wine consumption to a glass with dinner. Tomorrow coffee is out. And I am replace coffee with a probiotic – kefir. I add a turmeric based supplement to my kefir 2 times a day. Also I am doing cod liver oil )for vitamin d) 3 times a day.  Finally, I am also walking 2 times a day and doing floor stretches 3 times a day.

I have a fancy new blood pressure monitoring kit that I am using morning and night and of course the mandatory scale. BTW, I did not buy the fancy IPhone computable monitor at the I Store, but I was tempted to.

Will this turn things around? Hmmm … we will see!  In the meantime, I feel a bit better knowing that I have taken some steps. That already helps.

Stay tuned.



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