What if Wood Was Like Gold?

The masters of the universe would find at least some of human behavior to be eccentric. Like our lust for a yellow metal that we call gold.

What is it about that metal that captures our imaginations? It has no great use that any other metal could not fulfill. Why not some other material … like wood?  And if we think for a moment, if wood were like gold, what new uses would we find for it?

Of course, in a world that is groaning with wood, this seems absurd. Perhaps it is. And yet, there are some who treasure wood. Who lust to shape it into artistic forms.  I met one such person last week. We had lunch together. I wanted to chat about the food. He wanted to talk about wood. At first, it was annoying.  But strangely, the more he talked, the more I began to see what he was talking about.

I will be posting on this unique fellow over the next several weeks.

Stay tuned!


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