More on Lower Back Pain and Breathing

I first posted on this the other day. Here is the quick summary, in case you missed it

  • I cam back from the states with SEVERE lower back pain.
  • the problem was muscle, not spine – to be more precise, spasms
  • meds helped a bit to reduce the pain and inflammation
  • stretching helped MORE
  • I got off the meds ASAP – they are expensive and do not get to the cause of the problem. Create dependency. Great for drug companies. Not so great for you

and then I tried something new. I made the connection that muscle spasms can be caused by a lack of oxygen. I adjusted my breathing to force more oxygen into my lower extremities through my lower back. You can do that by expanding your lower abdomen when you inhale.

I felt the difference very quickly.

One day later, my back is nearly 100/. I still feel a bit of tightness, but I have regained a lot of flexibility and leg strength. In  short, this is working for me. I have other issues (see below). But with my back more under control, I can do a lot more to get healthy.



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