Can the Sixers Deliver a Can of Whoop Ass to the Celtics?

The Celtics are the number 2 team in the east, just behind the Cavs. They lead their division. They are hot.

So you would not expect the lowly Sixers — without Embiid or Simmons — to stand a chance against them, right? Well, not so fast. The Sixers are playing amazingly well over the last 3 games. And they are gaining confidence with each win.

Shamus Clancy, writing for the Liberty Ballers, offers a few pre-game thoughts.Shamus has a point — Dario is tearing up the court.  I also think that TJ is maturing into a strong leader at point guard. And Nerlens is looking like a mini-Embiid at the 5.

Can the Sixers do the unthinkable toinght? Stay tuned! This is a game to watch!

BTW,  the Jah trade talks are apparently stalled. And  no on understand s why Simmons is still not practicing with the team – his foot should have healed by now. And why did the front office not reveal that Embiid’s knee injury was “slightly” more serious than a bruise? Ah well, this front office stuff is a side show. An interesting side show, but meanwhile, the games are more so!



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