Sixers Lore: Looks Like Jah is Gone

Sixerland is brimming with news today. Joel Embiid has a slight meniscus tear in his left knee (not a big deal).  He will no doubt be out until after the all star break — will he come back along with Ben Simmons? Why not? That would be awesome!

And, btw, the Sixers beat a tired Heat team last night. The Heat had been hot, but they looked  gassed last night – especially Whiteside.  On the plus side, I liked the way that Nerlens and Roco played — aggressive on both ends of the court. If Nerlens ever figures out how to shoot a mid range jumper, he could be deadly. And the rest of the crew is gaining confidence – fewer miscues and bad shots. This is all positive.

And btw, it looks like a deal for Jah is almost done. There are several teams bidding for him and he will likely be out the door by the trade deadline.

About Jah — I have not been his biggest fan in Sixerland, but at the same time, you can’t help but wish the dude well. He is very young, very talented on the offensive side of the court, and should do well in the league —  given time to to improve his defense and rebounding. BTW, in his recent games he showed that he is not a bad passer.  I hope that whatever deal Bryan cooks up, the Sixers get closer to a balanced team. out of this. And go for it Jah!



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