Hygge is out, Lagom is in!

Too bad for me! I was just getting used to a bit of hygge, too!

If you don’t recall, hygge is a Danish word that describes an aspect of the good life. It is about comfort – putting on warm socks by a roaring fire and sipping hot chocolate when it is snowing outside.  that is hygge!

What could be wrong with that? Apparently, some of us hygge a bit too much. Now we need some lagom!  Lagom is a Swedish idea for moderation. Toning down the appetite to enjoy just the right amount.

What might a more lagom-oriented culinary plan look like? Not finishing that whole pint of ice cream in one sitting, for one. Embracing modest, simple foods: A soft-boiled egg. Buttered multigrain toast. Roast chicken, probably. Cooking #wasteless and without a lot of meat, since lagom emphasizes sustainability. And what says chill, healthy, and unostentatious better than a grain bowl? Or a potluck, where there’s enough to eat for everybody?

Ok. I am willing to try it out. But after a bit more hygge!


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