Was Rorty right?

At least one good thing can be said about the election of Donald Trump to the presidency. Finally, democrats are acknowledging that they are “in the soup”. By that, I mean that the dems have to admit that they overestimated their popularity to the electorate.

What went wrong? Prof. Rorty offered a diagnosis some time ago. and Sean Illing lays out the good professor’s ideas for Vox. This is very interesting reading.

Rorty has a point that the dems have lost touch with the so called “blue collar vote”. those folks kept FDR in office for four terms. But they are not socially liberal. As the dems have moved to fight for blacks, women and gays etc, this has weakened their appeal on economic issues.

So what is the right path forward?   It may be a return to pragmatic “big tent” priorities that are prosperity oriented, rather than continued war on the cultural front. That does not mean abandoning those issues.It does mean talking to the economically disadvantaged as well.


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