Breakfast in Yunnan

For a moment, picture yourself waking up in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China.

Image result for Kunming

We are splurging here, staying at the Intercon.

Image result for Kunming Intercontinental

BTW, Yunnan is a mountainous region is the south.

Image result for Yunnan

But what is for breakfast? If you want to eat like a local, you will be looking for a bowl of  Mi Xian.

Image result for Mi Xian

Oooops!  I see in the picture that this Mi Zian is made with fat rice noodles. That means it is called mi gan! And

An order of soup arrives with some assembly required: It’s up to each customer to season their own bowl to their liking with the dozen-plus condiments at a nearby table. At the best shops, these include homemade roasted chile pastes, local mountain herbs, and an array of pickled vegetables.

Decisions so early?`That will take some getting used to!




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