Sixer Fans, Look Ahead to the Draft

For a moment in January, the sports community in Philadelphia went insane. They started to ask whether the Sixers were going to make the playoffs this year. It was a long shot, but the mere possibility drove some folks nuts!

Then Embiid got hurt, and since then, the Sixers have gone into a tailspin. And you can say bye bye to the playoffs. To be honest, I have not watched most of these games. Just not enough to keep my interested. But … there is hope

  • reading the tea leaves, it looks like Jah will be traded either to the Bulls or the Pelicans by the trade deadline.  That is big news, as Joh’s talents just don’t fit this team. The conventional wisdom has been that the Sixers will not get much in return for Jah, but if a bidding war erupts, who knows?
  • Ben Simmons is likely to be on the floor after the All Star game. It will be lots of fun to see how Ben can match up with Embiid.  It will be important as well to see how his play develops.  that will affect who the Sixers target in the drat.
  • While we daydream of Simmons coming back, we might also reflect whether Ersan Ilyasova should move on. Ersan has upgraded the team this year. But he also overloads the front court. Not to mention that keeping him will be expensive AND he is aging. Let’s see if the Sixers do a deal here.
  • The Sixers are likely to get a high level lottery pick, yet again. Indeed, they may get 2 picks if the Lakers pick — which is top 3 protected — conveys. And with Fultz, Jackson, Ball, and Monk all fantastic prospects at positions the Sixers need help with, this will be a very important draft for the team. If th eSixers can walk away from the draft with 2 talented guard prospects, that would be awesome!

One more thing — the Nets have the NBA’s worst record and have the highest likelihood of getting the top pick in the draft. But their pick goes to the Celtics, who don’t need guards. The Celtics may be in the mood either to trade down or to try to lure an all star to Boston for that pick. That might put the top pick — most likely Fultz — in play.  Could the Sixers somehow end up with Fults?

Very interesting!


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