On a Late Night Prowl in Peckham Rye

You know what you can find in London’s center. But you might not want to limit yourself.

Like Bushwick, Peckham’s longtime grit and relatively low cost of living has inevitably come under siege by the money-hungry forces of gentrification in a tale that’s been well told on both sides of the pond. To really understand the neighborhood’s identity and its emergence as a cultural and food destination, I linked up with born-and-bred Peckham resident An Nguyen who, along with her five siblings, mother, aunts, and cousins, own and operate Bánh Bánh, a modern Vietnamese restaurant located on Peckham Rye.

Who knew?

Hmmm …  and where to stay? The Guardian weighs in — recommending newly upgraded Victoria Inn. And if you are heading over in the summer —

In summer, a Peckham highlight will always be a rooftop drink on the 10th floor of the multistorey carpark, home to the city-famous Frank’s Cafe. Later nights can be had at the CLF Art Cafe, better known as the Bussey Building, a huge multi-arts warehouse venue, that does popular club nights, plus theatre and dance performances. Daytime draws include the South London Gallery, a hub for YBAs in the 1990s, and Rye Wax, a shop selling records, graphic novels and ‘zines that also hosts events from spoken word to DJs.


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