Lawyers to Trump: Stop Being a Bozo

Donald Trump thinks he is smart. How do I know? He says so all the time. And yet, he says the dumbest stuff I have heard from a public figure in a long time. That includes stuff one hears form celebs who promote their lack of IQ as part of their allure.

Most recently, Trump railed against the judge who stayed his immigration order. His point — Congress gave him the power to do stuff! Why would the courts interfere?

Duh! Because that is what courts do, Donald. First, the law you refer to says expressly that you cannot implement your power to discriminate — which you are trying to do. And in any even,t, and no matter what Congress has said, you cannot exercise your power in a less than a rational way.

Here is the odd thing — the federal judge, and the ninth circuit justices asked Trump’s lawyers what is the rational basis for the ban. AND THEY GOT NO ANSWERS.

So, Mr. smartypants president, do you get this? Your executive order discriminates (based on the evidence presented) and it has no rational basis. Using more technical legal jargon, it sucks. Not only that, it makes the country less safe.

Got that? So now for some advice – stop wasting the country’s time with this bullshit.


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