Do You Give Your Attention Away?

`The other day, Henry Bodget said this

… we have gained 30 hours a month in productivity over the past fifty years and that 28 hours of those gains have gone towards watching TV

That is understandable. TV is easy and it is relaxing. So, if we believe that we are “stressed out”, of course, we will look for a stress killer. TV is a stress killer. Moreover, our culture has been organized around TV.  By that I mean TV is still the main place we go to connect most frequently to cultural messages It is a magnet for attention.

And this presents us with an interesting opportunity. If Henry and others are right, more gains in productivity are likely to give us even more free time. How we use that free time is totally up to us. And with digital tools, it will become ever easier to use our free time FOR OUR OWN BENEFIT.

Let’s face it, watching TV benefits TV stations – not you. All it does for you is put you in a passive frame of mind so that you can zone out. What if instead, you could do something that was fun AND gave you a return`? A real return.

Would you opt for that? I think that most of us would, especially if media started promoting those opportunities. We already see it in the success of platforms like Uber and AirBnB. In other words, the future is not in doing more work, it is in more cleverly investing our attention to maximize our return on attention.

Let the games begin!


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