Is Conversation Important?

What a silly question! Who would argue that conversation is NOT important? Of course it is!

And yet, if it is so important, how much effort do we expend to do it at a high level? How often, for example, do we have meaningful exchanges with people who are different from us — who disagree with us? How often do we reflect, let alone work on, our conversation skills?  How often do we get inspired from conversations that we have during the day?

If you think this is unimportant, consider the direction our politics is taking. Are we able to empathize with people who suffer from problems that we have not experienced?  Are we becoming more or less tolerant of people who disagree with us? Is our level of trust growing or shrinking?

If these questions interest you, you might check out this kickstarter campaign to fund a movie that focuses on”the future of tolerance”.



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