Good Morning. First Agenda Item: Constitutional Crisis

Pass the aspirin, please!

It was bad enough that last week Donald Trump chose to disregard the US Constitution with his idiotic immigration ban. Over the weekend, things apparently have gotten much worse. The Trump Administration has apparently refused to obey court orders that stop them from enforcing the executive order.  Huh?

That does get one’s attention on a Monday morning. We should wait for clarification on how far the defiance of court orders goes. But even before we get the details, it would be wise to take note where this latest news has taken us.

Hmmm … we  went down this road a while back. Is the president above the law? Nixon thought he was … at least in certain situations when it was convenient for him. The US Supreme Court said that he was mistaken. They reminded him that obedience to law — even by a president —  is the foundation of what we call the “rule of law” as opposed to the “rule of men”. The idea seems so simple. And yet here we are again. The merry Trumpsters have decided that they would prefer the rule of men.

At least Nixon was arguing about something that many people did not understand – executive privilege to defy a Congressional subpoena for documents. The refusal had at least the appearance of a balance of power issue. Assuming that the initial reports are correct, Trump is just saying “Up Yours, courts!”  In other words, Trump would just like to destroy the balance of power altogether.

Well, that is not very nice. Nor is it very smart. And it should be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. If the president is indeed defying the courts in such a flagrant way, we have entered the territory of high crimes and misdemeanors. Even congressional republicans — as much as they would like to ignore this — will have to wake up and smell the coffee.

Will they? Stay tuned! this is an important story.

BTW, we have descended this far from anything remotely resembling adult behavior in just one week of the Trump presidency. It boggles the mind, and makes you wonder what the Trumpster will think up in week 2. You might want to buckle up and even don a safety helmet. We appear to be flying into the “Twilight Zone”.


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