A Moment for Leaders to Step Up!

Back in November — for better or worse — the US presidential election brought us a new era. Now we are finding out how this era will take shape. Trump and his merry crew are doing what one would expect them to do — causing havoc. Not just by the decisions that are being made. Those are idiotic enough. But also by the way they are being made. Without reflection or consultation. As if the world is about to end.

At the same time, no one predicted the size or the passion of the protests that have exploded across the nation in reaction to his first s actions as president. It is no longer just protests over single issues, it is a protest movement. And this movement is turning into a political force.

What kind of force? We shall see. But the protests may become the main counter-weight to the Trump agenda. And they might energize folks who don’t like what they see from Trump but who have not voted before or who regret their Trump vote.Finally, we may build new and stronger coalitions that can impact the 2018 elections.

Here is an example – the ACLU has emerged as a key resource for challenging Trump in court. Great! In the old days, we might just cheer from the sidelines. Not so this time. People are setting up fundraising drives with offers to match funds — and apparently the money is rolling in. This reflects a willingness to get involved that is new.

The energy is there. Let’s see if leadership emerges to put that energy to use.

Stay tuned!


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