No Pardon from Harden! Sixers Fall

The Sixers have been riding high lately, and it has been fun to watch.  At the same time, you had to wonder how far they could go. Last night, we discovered that — at least for now — there is a limit.  James Harden working the pick and roll is it.

Harden can beat you in so many ways. And this year, the Rockets have surrounded him with excellent support. So when Harden gets into the paint, he can shoot or pass. This was too much for Embiid to cover and Harden had a monster game, ending up with 51 points and a lot of assists.

BTW, while the Sixers lost, they were not wiped out. They fell behind by double digits more than once and each time fought back. For a few precious seconds, they even took the lead by a point or two. And they were still in it up to the end.

Bottom line – the Sixers nearly beat one of the hottest teams from the west. And Embiid? He came away with 31 points. With a bit more firepower, you could imagine the Sixers taking a game like this!


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