Sixers Win Ugly Against Trail Blazers

Let’s face it. The game was not pretty. The turnovers and missed shots were aplenty. And the Trail Blazers were in control for the entire first half. But they only scored 10 points in the last 7 minutes and the Sixers hit a few 3’s to get the W.

The last 3 by Roco came with 4 seconds left and gave the Sixers a one point lead. 7 footer Mason Plumlee got an inside look at a last shot for the Trail Blazers but great defense by Nerlens Noel made him alter his shot and miss.  Close call!

Hmmm … and why Nerlens instead of Embiid`Now we get to the scary part. It looked like Embiid hyper extended his left knee landing after a dunk. He said he was ok, and came back. But Brett Brown wisely pulled him out for good. The dude was not playing within himself and could easily have gotten seriously injured.  He has got to learn how to avoid getting to hyped up.

So, sure we’ll take the win. But I would not call this win more progress. It was lucky.

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