Wow! The Sixers Just Beat the Raptors!

Unbelievable! A great game to watch.

Dario Saric played his heart out and Joel Embiid did his thing. The Sixers were able to do just enough to beat the second best team i in the eastern conference after the Cavs.

Most impressive – the Sixers defense when Embiid is on the court is just voracious. Great team play.

Check out Liberty Ballers for some very cool video from the game!

Something to keep in mind – the Raptors made 20 points off the 22 Sixer turnovers. An obvious weak spot that the Sixers need to work on. So what won the game? The Raptors average around 110 points a game. The Sixers held them to 89. And the Raptros shot 34 of 86 from the field (39.5 percent) and 6 of 24 (25 percent) from beyond the arc.Sixers defense anchored by Embiid is very tough.


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