An Attack on TechDirt!

You probably heard about the defamation action that shut down Gawker.  Perhaps you are thinking, well, who cares? And perhaps you think that Gawker was too far “out there”.

Well, guess what. The same lawyer that shut down Gawker is trying to do the same thing to Techdirt. That is right, yet another defamation suit that is designed to shut down a media outlet.

Three things to consider (1) Techdirt matters. It is a cool outlet for opinion and news that you do not get elsewhere. An example – their commentary on intellectual property rights (2) these suits have a terrible chilling effect that hurts us all and (3) this is especially important now as the powers that be seem relatively hostile to media.

If you want to get into the guts of this case, Wikipedia offers a rather detailed post .

I feel strongly that this is abusive and dangerous and hope you do too. Let’s get behind Techdirt and stop this bullying!  Check out Fred Wilson’s post at the first link above to find out more!


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