Too Much Embiid for the Bucks!

I did not think the Sixers would win this game. The Bucks are a solid team, and the Sixers were coming off a loss to the Wizards. And they decided to sit Nerlens and showcase Jah. I read after the game that Nerlens has an ankle sprain.

BTW, they also did not play TJ McConnell. Not sure what was going on there. Follow up – TJ has a wrist injury.

The Sixers looked sluggish off the blocks. They fell behind. Antetokounmpo looked unstoppable. But … Joel Embiid started to do his magic. He had at least 5 blocks, and basically shut down the middle. The Bucks were not only thrown off balance, they looked stunned. After all they have Parker and Antetokounmpo who usually dominate there. And these guys were getting stuffed. They started to alter their shots and turn the ball over. things went south for them when Antetokounmpo got into foul trouble and had to sit.  He eventually fouled out.

Bottom line. The Sixers dominated in the final minutes and won easily.Wow!

Listening to the Bucks announcers added to the fun. With 5 minutes to play and the Bucks down by 10, they started talking about how the Sixers usually fold in the stretch. As the Sixers did the opposite, they got kind of quiet. Heeeheee!


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