Re.Thinking Governance

CityLab offers an interesting piece today about the various ways cities will react to more populist national policies. They may

  • need to  replace national funding with local funding
  • rally opposition to protectionist policies
  • pursue their own progressive policy agendas
  • advance their own strategies to build prosperity leveraging local resources
  • network between cities to upgrade policy

This idea jumped out at me

The power of cities lies in the fact that they are not governments, but rather networks of public, private, civic, university, and community institutions. Governments can be hijacked by partisanship; networks, by contrast, reward pragmatic action.

This point applies to cites, but not just to cities. The underlying idea is that building prosperity depends on the power of the networks we join. That applies to us individually, and it applies to the place where we live. As we are able to achieve more through the networks that are available to us, the need for formal governance structures to lead the way diminishes. We will still need governance, but we will need less leadership from government.

That is the dream. Will it happen? Stay tuned. You are living that story.



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