Memo to CIA Moscow Station Chief: What the F*ck?

NOTE – The following is NOT about whether the recently released “dossier” on Donald Trump is true or false. We have no way to know that. It is about the context in which this document is being handled   Both the allegations in the dossier AND their consequences, if true, are out of the ordinary, to say the least. You might say “this stuff is crazy” and you might say, “even so, it is also scary!” Given that, how we deal with it says a lot about who we are.


Before I say anything, I will admit to ignorance and bias. I am ignorant — other than what I read and hear  — of what Russian authorities are thinking and doing with respect to Donald Trump. And I am biased. I do not agree with Donald Trump’s overtly casual and friendly approach to dealing with Vlad. I became more concerned when Mr. Trump nominated Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. Why?  As CEO of Exxon, Tillerson has a huge conflict of interest — namely lifting sanctions in order to recoup Exxon’s enormous investments in Russia. And there is more. As a person living in Tartu, I am VERY concerned that without a credible counterbalancing force, Russia will exert undue influence on the country where I live. I believe that Mr. Trump would gladly emasculate that counterbalancing force.

Ok. So Now you know where I am coming from.

So, what about that dossier? What about the dossier collected by a former British MI6 spy — and Russia expert — that lays out how Donald Trump has become a Russian intelligence asset?`And what about the fact that this former MI6 spy gave over his report to the FBI during the summer while the election was not decided, and just before FBI Director James Comey would go public with highly damaging disclosures about Hilary Clinton? And what about the fact that Comey still will not say ANYTHING about whether the FBI has made any conclusions about the dossier? And why not throw in here, Donald Trump’s blatant lie in his tweet about what the Director of National Intelligence briefed him on with respect to the dossier? Trump – I was briefed that it is all phony. Director of National Intelligence – we have made no conclusions about the dossier’s accuracy. WTF?

The FBI has a policy that it does not comment on investigations. Comey obliterated that policy when he commented numerous times on the FIB’s investigations of Hilary Clinton’s emails. Wouldn’t it be just a tad reassuring if Comey would say that the FBI found that the dossier was NOT credible? It would be, and Comey will not do that. He refused  to say anything to Congressional democrats in a closed door briefing. That is very … shall we say, … concerning. Again, WTF?

Well, surprise, surprise. The republican controlled Senate Intelligence Committee that had said it would not investigate Russian hacking of the election, now will start an investigation.

Good Lord! I admit that I am biased. But I am not luny. I think I have serious reasons to be concerned about what the f*ck is going on.

So, imagine you are the CIA station chief in Moscow. What are you doing right now? You know that Russian intelligence is trying to track down the sources of the dossier. And you know that it is critical to figure out if the information provided in the dossier is in any way accurate. Whoa! This is a spy story that no one would believe if it was written as fiction!

I expect a movie and perhaps a mini-series on this once the dust settles. More important, I dearly hope that in the interim, we figure out WTF is going on!

Stay tuned!


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