Heading to Perthshire for Heather Honey?

One of my hobbies is to find links between localities and the special local products that they make. Usually, these products are made the same way now as they have been for centuries, and this adds to the charm.

Saveur offers a very nice example – heather honey from Scotland.  As the article points out, you have to be really, really determined to make this.. The heather blooms only for a few days in September when most bees are already hibernating. And heather honey is very solid in consistency, making it devilishly difficult to extract from the comb.

But a few enterprising Scots do this — and I read that it is indeed worth the trouble. The taste is unique. Hmmm … a trip to Monachyle Mhor for the breakfast honey?  You would get scenes like this

Image result for Monachyle Manor

and you might find yourself enjoying a dram here

Image result for Monachyle Manor

And they keep their own bees!

Here is a promo

This chic hotel may be easy to get to from the Central Belt, but hidden down a quiet glen it feels a million miles away. They are serious about food here and offer their own cookery courses to help you develop your knowledge, as well as farming their own sheep, cattle and hens. Check out their kitchen garden on arrival – the aroma of herbs and array of vegetables will build up your appetite for dinner, which features quite a lot of the garden’s produce alongside the likes of Perthshire lamb and Srabster-landed monkfish in a five-course extravaganza that showcases Scotland’s bountiful culinary larder to the full. The accommodation is as ambitious and impressive as the cooking, with suites rather than rooms, laden with oversized beds and stand-alone baths.


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