Sixers Lore: Saying the Right Thing

The Sixers just pulled off a last minute come from behind win against the Knicks. It was amazing, especially considering that they were down by ten with time running short. A great buzzer beater by TC McConnell won the game. You can see the last seconds here.

As important, I think, was what TJ said in a post game interview to the fans. When asked how it happened, he said that team sticking together did it, and the support of the fans did it. Staying together as a team has been the key so far in turning the season around. right on TJ!

BTW, I think the Sixers will turn the season around. They have now won 11 — more games than they won all last season — and will shortly get Ben Simmons onto the court. As important, they are gelling as a team. Embiid anchors the team, but he does not play a one man game.  The sixers move the ball well and play good defense. If they can reduce their turnovers, they will be a dangerous team to play. And if their three ponit attempts start falling — tonight they shot miserably — they can dominate.

Will they make the playoffs? Errr … that is a long shot. But even thinking that it is a long shot, as opposed to utterly impossible, is a major shift in thinking for this franchise. Not persuaded? Keep in mind that the Sixers have won the last four of five games they have played.

Way to go Sixers! Way to go TJ!


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