Who is David Pecker and what the Hell is He Up to?

I had no idea. And I had no idea because it do not read the “National Enquirer” (NE).

Up until the other day, I would not have considered posting about that fact. But I watched Rachel Maddow’s segment that makes an alarming assertion

  • while NE has been mainly about celeb gossip, it has become more political in this election cycle
  • Its political coverage has been rabidly anti-Clinton and adoringly pro-Trump
  • We are not talking about coverage based on fact – we are talking about misinformation

So, for example, ever wonder why people think Hillary Clinton is a murderer? Ever wonder why some people think Donald Trump has in fact released his tax returns? That’s right. One way is to follow NE’s “coverage”.

Digging just a bit unearths that NE is published by a company called “American Media”. American media is run by a guy named Dave Pecker.  And Dave just happens to be a huge Donald Trump fan boy.

Image result for David Pecker

There is good old Dave, second from the right.

So what is the big deal? My man Pecker knows that a certain segment of the population believes stuff in NE no matter how ridiculous it is. Those folks are easy prey for the Trumpster media machine and below the radar screen for must of us.  This comment is revealing

Most thought Trump would implode early on, failing to take into account all the People of Walmart who zealously supported him.

In other words, do not be too surprised if Trump continues to base his political strategy on manipulating this group for support – a group that no one else can access with any degree of efficiency.

Where is this headed Lord knows, but we are about to find out.

Helmets on? Forward!.


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